3 key reasons to have 360 degree feedback in your organization

3 key reasons to have 360 degree feedback in your organization

When you initially introduce 360-degree feedback in your organization, most of your employees might be reluctant to participate and find the process useless.  They might prefer another performance review to a 360 feedback survey. But you have to make them realize how these surveys can help them and the organization.

Here are three key reasons why you should have 360-degree feedback in your organization.

Improved Superior-Subordinate Relationship

In traditional performance reviews, it is commonly seen that the entire feedback process is handled by the superior employee, which can sometimes be biased. It is also a known fact that as the rank of an employee rises in an organization, he receives lesser information about his performance. 360 feedback offers an opportunity for both superiors and subordinates to give and receive accurate feedback, which in turn improves the superior-subordinate relationship.

Broader Perspective

360 feedback gives employees a broader and balanced perspective on their performance. It helps them gain a thorough understanding of their performance and gives them an opportunity to improve themselves. 360 feedback tends to be unbiased and fair because employees are not judged based on expectations; instead they are judged based on how they accomplish their tasks.

Communication & Trust

360 feedback assesses the behavior of employees and not the outcomes. This fosters a healthy environment at the workplace where individuals work together, committing themselves to honesty and helping each other with their performances. 360 feedback helps team building and helps individual employees know where they stand and how they can be better. Increased communication and trust in a workplace means increased organizational productivity.

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