5 Employee Engagement Activities On A Budget!

Budget-friendly employee engagement activities

It’s always fantastic when organizations decide that employee engagement is something they need to pay attention to. But a cursory search for employee engagement ideas more often than not tends to turn up activities that are expensive and therefore off-putting.

But here’s a fact: the success of an engagement activity does not always hinge on the amount of money you are willing to spend on it. For an activity to work, all you need is planning, flexibility and participation!

Here are 5 “out of box” employee engagement activities that you can carry out on a budget! If you are not worried about budget constraints and are still looking for engagement activities, take a look at 6 creative ideas for employee engagement!

1. Movie Marathon

This activity is simple and self-explanatory. On a Friday evening, or any day really, ask your employees to come armed with a mat and a snack of their choice and queue up a list of movies and get to watching!

Employee engagement is not just about how invested an employee is in the organization. Employees also need to know and experience that is okay to relax and have fun at their organization. Engagement is not about work only!

2. Breaking Bread (Potluck Lunch)

Once again, this activity is self-explanatory too! You can divide this activity into teams and groups based on the number of people in your organization. All that needs to happen is that each person needs to bring in one dish that they want to share with everybody. Food tends to break many barriers and will give your employees a chance to relate to each other on a level that is not work related.

3. Appreciation Costs Nothing

Saying a few kind/good words about a colleague and their accomplishments (weekly or bi-monthly, that’s up to you) takes next to no effort and definitely does not cost any money at all. Maybe every Friday, you could set aside an hour in the evening, where colleagues and managers can praise a fellow employee.

4. Host a Small Contest

A contest which has a reasonable objective that can be met and an adequate reward for meeting the objective, is a surefire way to give your employees adequate cause to be engaged.

Incentives have always been a great way to motivate and engage employees. You just need to figure out what objective needs to be met and which reward should be offered. These contests need not be a big office-wide contest. Rather, it can be specific to each team and the manager of the team will be the one who decides the objective and the reward.

5. Do-Nothing Day

Before you scoff, hear us out. The ideal employee should be engaged. However, they shouldn’t be so engaged either that they actually burn out because of all the hard work they are putting in. A do-nothing day is exactly what it means, a day where you do absolutely nothing. Let your employees come to office, chill out, hang out, talk to colleagues, talk to people other than their team members and basically view the office as a place where they can also relax and have fun, in addition to working hard!

The whole point of these activities is to help employees kick back and relax. Of course, these activities alone are not going to foster employee engagement. But they can definitely help point your organization in the right direction!

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