6 Fun Ways To Show Your Employees That You Are Thankful

Fun Ways To Thank Employees

You’re going to need great employees if you want to grow your business. Employers are often seen spending lot of money on hiring and training their employees. But all this can go waste if they do not appreciate their employees that often.

Employees spend most time with their co-workers than any other people in their lives. They’d like to be appreciated for the efforts they put to fulfill their responsibilities.

Here are few fun ways to show your employees that you are thankful to them.

1. Field Trip

Take all your employees on a trip to a place nearby. Organize various activities and get to know more about your employees. This is a really great way to thank your employees for their commitment with your organization. There’s nothing more fun than getting to see the funnier version of your co-workers and employees.

2. Potluck

Throwing potlucks is the most common way to bring your employees together. But it can also be an excellent way to thank them. Have everyone on the team bring in a dish for potluck. Make the event more fun by playing some awesome music.

3. Breakfast From Boss

Set up a meeting and bring your team to the conference room.  Surprise them with free breakfast and say out loud how thankful you are to each member of your team. Now that’s a special way to start a day, your employees will stay motivated for a longer time.

4. Company Scrapbook

Have a company scrapbook and write the names of the employees that you want to recognize every week. This will be a fun activity and also will inspire your employees to work hard and get into the list.

5. Monthly Magazine Subscription

You can also gift your employees with a monthly subscription of their favorite magazine as appreciation. Purchasing a magazine subscription will remind your employee of your thoughtfulness month long without breaking your budget.

6. Pets At Work

Allow your employees to bring their pets to the workplace. When your employees are around their furry friends, they feel happier. Happy employees means, increased employee morale and productivity.  There’s no better way of thanking them than to have a chief cuddling officer on board!


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