How To Deal With Angry Employees?

How To Deal With Angry Employees?

Handling angry employees is not a very pleasing experience but for a manager, it is very crucial to handle them calmly and defuse the situation.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with angry employees. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use them!

1. Remain calm and professional

Usually managers also tend to lose their cool when the employees behave in an irate manner. But managers cannot lose their cool and behave irrationally. Staff at the workplace observes how the managers handle the anger directed at them and if the manager loses his cool, it might have an unpleasant effect on the entire workplace.

Avoid yelling and swearing. Remain calm and deal with the situation like a professional.

2. Do not quote company policies

When people are angry they do not care about the policies. Telling them that their issue will not be solved because it is against the company policy just worsens the situation instead of helping it.

Try to establish agreement about something. Find something that you both can agree on, for example, “William, I think we can agree that we both want this project to be done correctly by the month-end. Do you agree?”

3. Show your concern

Stay calm and listen to them. Show your concern and tell them that you will do your best to solve the problem that they face. Don’t act like you don’t care for their concerns.

Do not sympathize their anger but assure them that their concern will be solved as soon as possible.

4. Document the behavior

Document the behavior of your employee. In the document, describe the incident where the employee displayed anger and explain why the employee’s behavior was inappropriate. Also observe and document the impact on their co-workers.

5. Setup a meeting

Dealing with angry employees is a manager’s nightmare. Sometimes employees might not always display anger aggressively, but you can see it all through their body language like rolling eyes, sighs etc.

Talk to the employee behind closed doors about the inappropriate behavior. Show them what you’ve documented and explain them the impact of their inappropriate behavior on their co-workers.  Advise them that consequences might be ghastly if such behavior is observed from their side again.


If you have dealt with angry employees at your workplace, and have suggestions, please comment in the section below!


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