Right Time For 360 Degree Feedback


Why do we conduct 360 degree feedback surveys? It helps employees receive feedback from different people working around them. This bunch of different people usually includes the employees’ peers and managers. Receiving feedback from multiple people, allows employees to create a developmental plan for themselves and improve themselves.

But when is the right time to conduct 360 degree feedback?

Some organizations do it annually and some do it monthly. Some might even do it half-yearly, but there is no one-size-fits-all version for 360 degree feedback.

It is important to decide in advance on how long you have to carry out the work and set time frames for designing the survey, distributing it and analyzing the results.

Performance reviews can be conducted annually or half yearly because employees are evaluated based on their performance and based on how they achieved their goals. But 360 degree feedback purely depends upon your organization’s work culture and your leadership approach.

The main objective of a 360 degree feedback is to provide individuals with constructive feedback that helps them develop themselves. As long as a 360 degree survey motivates the employees to develop themselves, it is ideal to have them twice a year.


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