Tips on designing effective Pulse Survey questions


What are pulse surveys? Well, these are surveys exclusively designed to measure employee engagement, employee satisfaction and to identify the areas that require improvement. Unlike other surveys these are time efficient and cost effective.

These surveys can be really helpful when it comes to gaining feedback and measuring employee satisfaction. However, some important rules apply when it comes to putting it together.

Here’s our list of tips on designing an effective pulse survey.

1. Keep the objective clear

Of what use would an employee satisfaction survey be, if it had no clear objective. Don’t just carry out a pulse survey for the sake of doing it; keep the goals of the survey clear in your mind. When the objective is clear, the design tends to be more effective and so do the results.

2. Keep the survey short

We do not want the employees to spend weeks to complete a pulse survey, do we? So keep it short and simple. A survey with maximum 20  pulse survey questions would be perfect. But keep in mind that the purpose of the survey is not lost.

3. Keep your list of assumptions

Know your target audience (employees) and write down your assumptions based on how well you know your staff. This list helps you know if you are on the right track and also helps you to order the survey better.

4. Keep it light

Do not exhaust your employees with extremely cavernous questions. Also avoid questions which leave employees confused and apprehended. For example: How would you rate your manager? Using these kinds of questions make the survey directionless.

5. Keep it confidential

Always keep your participants’ details and opinions confidential. Assure them that their details are safe with you and they will not be shared with any third party. Adding a privacy statement at the beginning of the survey would be a good idea.

6. Keep calm and PULSE SURVEY

Recheck multiple times and spend more time on ordering the questions. Now that you are all set, keep calm and pulse survey!

This is just a basic list to get you started with pulse surveys.You can also checkout our article on designing employee surveys here.


Have more tips? Share them in the comments section.


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