What Happens After Annual Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

There are plenty of articles out there that tell you how to prepare for a performance review, how to carry out a performance review or how to take part in a performance review. This article is going to tell you what to do after a performance review, which is just as important as the performance review process.

An Honest Discussion

After employees finish their performances, you can’t just close the chapter right there. You need to discuss the results of the review. Especially if there was a manager review and a self review. Your employee might view themselves differently and you might view them differently. You both need to meet in the middle.


You need to set goals anew every time. Use the goals of last quarter as a base to set the goals for the new quarter. Also take into account whether the employee has met their previous goals, is close to meeting them or was not able to meet them. Do not just set goals blindly. Setting good employee goals and objectives is also an important aspect of performance reviews.

Revisit roles and responsibilities

Employees cannot keep doing the same work over and work again. As their career advances, their responsibilities will also change and they will also outgrow the position to work in. After each performance review, based on an employee’s progress you might find that you might have to rework their role and increase their responsibilities.

Have difficult conversations

This is one of the hardest parts of the performance review process. It’s not easy to tell employees that you need to let them go, but it’s not fair to keep them on a hook if they are unable to deal with their responsibilities for whatever the reasons, and neither is it fair to their team members, especially if the team members have to keep picking up slack. Every time a performance review gets over, you might need to steel yourself to the fact that you are going to have a few awkward conversations in your future.

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