Who All Should Give 360 Degree Feedback?


When it comes to choosing participants in a 360 degree feedback, you might want to enthusiastically ask everyone who even knows the employee in the slightest to participate. But hold on. Do you really need so many opinions?

Yes, the whole idea behind 360 degree feedback programs is make sure that employees receive feedback that is not biased and opinionated.

However, involving everyone who has ever interacted with an employee might mean that your 360 degree feedback program is very quickly going to spin out of control.

So who all should participate in a 360 degree feedback program? Here’s a list of key people who should participate in the program.


First and foremost, an employee’s peers. And not just all peers in an organization. Rather peers who work closely with an employee. They would have a good idea of the how the employee works, how he/she is as a person and how he/she behaves when in office, in front of the manager, in front of the client etc.


In other versions of feedback, the manager is the only one giving the employee feedback. In 360 degree feedback programs, they are important participants and should not be left out. After all, they are one of the few people who are qualified to comment on the quality of an employee’s work.

Direct Reports

Nobody should be exempt from feedback. Not even employees who lead a few direct reports. Direct reports will be able to comment on an employee’s managerial skills, efficacy as an employee, behavior in the office etc. Also, they should not be excluded from giving feedback, since 360 feedback programs are all about rounded perspectives.


If the employee is someone whose work revolves around dealing with customers, then it is good to have customers participate in the feedback program too. They will be able to offer good insight on how the employee deals with them and works with them.

The Employee Themselves

This last participant is optional but highly recommend. Let me tell you why. Not everyone shares the same view about a person. An employee might view themselves differently from how their peers view them. By allowing them to self-rate themselves, you get to see how employees too perceive themselves.

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