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Recent surveys have shown that over 90% of managers and employees do not find any value in traditional HR software and review systems.

Let’s be honest! Most employees dread their annual performance reviews and managers dread having “that” discussion with their employees. Even more unfortunate, most HR performance management systems do little to help.

Engagedly’s continuous 360 (degree) Performance Management approach is to ensure that employees do find value in their HR software and make it easy for HR managers to implement a comprehensive Employee Engagement System that looks at a real time feedback based approach to Performance Management.

Employee performance reviews


Engagedly’s Performance Management approach is to ensure that employees do find value in their HR software. We make it easy for managers to implement a comprehensive Employee Performance System that incorporates real time feedback, social praise and peer feedback into Performance Management. Easy to customize templates, flexible rating scales and advanced administration dashboard allows for easy to manage the performance cycle. We call it continuous performance.

Define and assign competency templates
Define and assign performance template
Peer review options
Baseline job descriptions
Take notes anytime
Attach documents for reference
Performance history


Feedback drives productivity and engagement. Engagedly brings together managers, employees and their peers, regardless of distance and time. Offer feedback, ask for feedback and provide social praises.

Real time one on one feedback
Ability to request one on one Feedback
Real time social praise
Notification and Alerts

performance feedback
Employee Goals & Objectives


Set goals “on demand” for yourself or cascade to your directs. Clear goals and objectives are key to improving engagement. But that is only when employees know what their organizational goals are and how their contribution matters. Use Engagedly to lay out objectives and key results (OKR) with customizable checkins and progress indicators

Cascading goals
Set self goals
Set Key Results against goals
Customizable checkins
Track progress


With easy to use and powerful admin panel, manage your performance management cycle. Notify managers, run reports and analyze your employee performance.

Review all your direct reports in one view
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Reporting
Notifications and alerts
Measure Engagement
Identify High Performers
Succession Plannning

HR Performance Management Tracking

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You can create customized performance review forms.


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