Enlightened managers build highly engaged teams

‘Employee Engagement’ is the buzzword word of the moment. And managers who are aware of employee engagement want to ensure that they have engaged employees. Long gone is the time when command and control was an effective management style. Modern leadership succeeds by focusing on engaging employees and getting the most out of their skills and expertise.


Today’s employees want to do meaningful work and are invested in seeing how their contribution affects the organization. Communication and feedback are crucial to have a well-motivated, productive workforce.


Our platform provides an integrated solution to motivate the workforce through allowing knowledge and ideas to be generated and shared, for feedback to be provided both to managers and staff, and for excellence to be recognized and rewarded.


Our tools are comprehensive and allow for 360 degree talent management. The beauty of this system is that it isn’t simply top-down, and relies on peer recognition as well.

The program provides:

  • Employee recognition software – HR will tell you that keeping track of performance can be complex, and many performance reviews are filed away, never to be accessed again. But in Engagedly, performance reviews are easily accessible at any time. Our Feedback and Praise features make it easy for managers to recognize their employees whenever they want to. You don’t have to wait for an opportunity to say something, you just can!
  • Employee recognition programs – Few things encourage an employee as much as being recognized for going above and beyond. When you encourage employees in front of their peers, it creates a ripple effect of sorts. Other employees feel motivated as well. With Engagedly, your employee recognition program doesn’t have to come to an end. You can recognize and praise employees without ever having to organize an event.

Measuring performance should be continuous

Once a recognition program is underway, it needs to be continuous. Rewarding one person for an action that goes unnoticed on another day when performed by a different staff member can be demoralizing. Keeping accurate records of performance and rewarding good performance consistently is vital to a high level of engagement.


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