Engagedly is a comprehensive platform for 360 degree Talent Management built for Employee Engagement. Built for employees, unlike other talent management suites, Engagedly improves engagement and helps build high performance teams.

Engagedly Features


Engagedly’s approach to Performance Management ensures employees find value in their HR software. We make it easy for managers to implement a comprehensive Employee Performance System that incorporates real time feedback, social praise and peer feedback into Performance Management. Flexible rating scales, easy to customize templates, and advanced administration dashboard streamlines management of the performance cycle. We call it, “continuous performance.”

Performance Management System

360 Multirater Feedback

To thrive and grow, employees need feedback from all quarters—360 degrees—in an organization. Until now a true 360º review process has been seen as complicate. Not anymore. Engagedly’s multi-source feedback feature is a simple and powerful tool that makes the 360 review process a breeze. The feature has two very important aspects that make it shine, an open, anonymous process, and the ability to tap specific contributors for feedback.


Honest feedback fuels engagement and drives productivity. Engagedly brings managers, employees and their peers together in the cloud, regardless of distance and time, to offer feedback, ask for feedback and provide social praise

One To One Feedback
Cascading Goals (OKR)


Clear goals and objectives are key to improving engagement. With Engagedly you set goals “on demand” for yourself or cascade them to your team. With both their own and the organizations goals in clear view, everyone feels how their contribution matters. Engagedly tracks objectives and key results (OKR) with customizable checkins and progress indicators


When is 3+3 = 7? When groups work as teams! Engagedly’s social module empowers teams to communicate, collaborate, share ideas, ask and answer questions to solve tough problems together. Unlike other corporate social platforms, Engagedly’s employee social goes beyond posting your family pictures and cute kittens. It is a high octane collaboration machine, engaging teams and generating consistently high productivity.

Social Collaboration
Employee Surveys


Gauge the pulse of your organization, with easy to create, deliver and analyze employee surveys. Let Engagedly help you use surveys to find out what your employees are thinking, what they want to do, and how they feel.


Individuals are driven by those two words: rewards and recognition. Use Engagedly’s Rewards feature to award points for goals and milestones, and to motivate employees with social recognition. Points can be redeemed from our selection of hundreds of gift cards or create your own custom rewards to give to employees.

Reward And Recognize
Online Learning (LMS Lite)


Anyone can take courses, share knowledge, and accumulate points with Engagedly’s Learning feature. Whether you use this for on-boarding, in-service or cross-training, your teams will promote growth and avoid stagnation as they create and utilize an organization-wide knowledge base.


Engagedly empowers managers with comprehensive dashboards that allow them to go beyond one-size-fits-all annual ratings to measure engagement and performance continuously. This helps managers better manage employee development and retention, while identifying key influencers and future leaders within the organization. Know more about your employees and teams than ever before with Engagedly.

Advanced Analytics And Reporting
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